Lancing Reservoir
South East


Undertaken for Barhale Trant Utilities in Autumn 2018, the project involved the removal and reinstatement of a single reservoir cell roof at Lancing Water Supply Reservoir. The removal was required to facilitate essential repair works.   

The roof area requiring removal was circa 121m², we also removed the soil to the side of the cell, with the perimeter being circa 44m.

The package of work included the provision of pre-construction activities such as trial holing, utility surveys, soil sampling, WAC testing, visual condition survey and asbestos surveys.

The main works were undertaken several weeks after the pre-construction activities consisted of the stripping 500mm of topsoil from the top of the cell and removal of all material placed against the cell walls to a depth of 2.5m. Most of the excavated material was removed from site so that making good repairs could begin to the reservoir’s walls and roof.

Water-proofing works were then carried out by a specialist sub-contractor (engaged by the client) before we supplied and placed a specially sourced 20/40mm stone from a local marine aggregate specialist to the roof of the reservoir. Soil was used to re-fill the perimeter make-up.

We also supplied and installed drainage to the perimeter of the reservoir and constructed a number of additional concrete plinths to facilitate future access requirements for maintenance and sampling.

Once all these works were complete we reinstated the site fully which included concrete works, earthworks and top soiling/turfing.

This project highlights our ability to work safely and efficiently around critical assets such as water supply reservoirs. It also highlights our ability to provide a single source solution for our clients who need certainty of delivery in key areas such as health & safety, compliance, budget and quality.

Project Facts

  • Duration 1 week for Pre-Construction / 5 weeks for Construction
  • Value £80k
  • Client Barhale Trant Utilities
  • Lancing Reservoir
  • Lancing Reservoir
  • Lancing Reservoir
  • Lancing Reservoir
  • Lancing Reservoir

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